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Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract contains Vitamin C 5 times the amount of  lemon, so it gives fresh vitality to tired skin from harmful environment and ultraviolet rays, and antioxidant keeps skins elasticity.
The EGCG in green tea helps skin elasticity by removing free oxygen radicals and wastes on your skin.

The catechin and tannin ingredients are abundant in green tea, which helps even skin tone  and soothes sensitive  skin.
Used only pure organic green tea from Jeju.

  • Removes free oxygen radicals and wastes

  • Helps clear your skin

  • Helps your even skin tone  and soothes skin

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

  • Use pure product :

    Apply to clean skin with fingertips. You can also moisten a cotton pad or use it as a spray.

    Do-it-yourself skin care:

    Add 5-10% of the extract to your favorite tonic , moisturizer , cream or cleansing milk . (For example, 100 ml of cream and 5-10 ml of extract)

    Use as a mask :

    Moisten a cotton mask with the extract and apply to the areas that need intensive care. Leave for 5-10 minutes

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