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Resveratrol Smart V2.5 is a component created by plants to protect them- selves from external attacks such as UV rays, fungi and pests. A lot of it is contained in red wine and peanut sprouts, and has a strong antioxidant effect. Also, it is a component that prevents and treats aging and various diseases.

Our Resveratrol Smart V2.5 stabilized high purity Resveratrol in liquid  capsules to maximize the transfer effect in the skin.


  • Antioxidant anti-aging action
  • Helps improve skin density
  • Good for sensitive and dry-oily skin problems

Resveratrol Smart V2.5

  • Do not use pure product. Perfect for use with Niaciamide.

    Mix 10-20% of the product into the cosmetics you use - lotion, cream, etc. 

    It is better to use it at night because it is more effective in the dark.

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