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Tea tree has been used for thousands of years as a cure for wounds and various skin diseases of Aboriginal people. It became widely known in 1923 when a study by Dr. Penfold of Australia found that the sterilization effect of tea tree was 13 times higher than phenol, and was used during World War II to treat wounds, burns and skin problems for soldiers.

It helps calming care, excess sebum skin, pore problems, and skin problem solving.


• Skin sedation, sebum and pore care effects • Hair and Scalp care
• Natural Sterilization

Tea Tree Organic Oil

  • Must be used in conjunction with other products and should not be used as a 100% concentrate. Apply to problem areas using hygienic cotton swabs (apply only a very small amount)

    Hair and scalp care by mixing 1-2 drops into shampoo (be sure to check whether it causes unwanted side effects)

    Skin care by adding 1-2 drops to moisturizer, toner or cleansing water to heal and soothe skin

    Body care - 1-2 drops in the bath

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